Janageeth Logeswaren, Bachelor of Computer Science (AI)

Computer science careers

The science behind the smart. Study the systems that help to build our high-tech world.

  • Computer scientists focus on the study of software systems and understand the potential as well as the limitations of computers and computer networks. Using programming skills, application tools and computer theory they produce applications that have the potential to transform all aspects of modern life.
  • In today’s economy, employers want graduates with skills in creative problem solving and the ability to apply this thinking to building and improving software, making this degree increasingly popular among those hoping to land a well-paying job upon graduation. 
  • A degree in computer science allows you to pursue a variety of careers across a wide range of industries, such as video game design companies, SMEs, large corporations and universities.

IT careers

Design the future. Help turn the science of information into the applications, programs and software of tomorrow.

  • Information technologists apply programs, applications and networks to solve industry, health and environmental problems, to create games and entertainment, and to create and maintain robust information systems.
  • Because of the pace of industry development, there’s always a significant employer demand for highly skilled IT workers.
  • As the most popular career and the fastest growing industry in the world, career options are truly diverse.

Source: Labour Market Information Portal, Department of Jobs and Small Business.

Study a Bachelor of Information Technology in Game Development

Develop the skills required to produce complex interactive systems used in digital games, preparing you to work in the gaming, training/education, entertainment gaming and defence industries.

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