Key Principles and Values

The Caring Futures Institute is driven to unite research efforts, define new ways of researching, and bring together diverse disciplines to conduct quality research. The Institute strives to:

  • Re-imagine care and caring
  • Create a new discourse and raise awareness regarding importance of self-care and caring solutions
  • Focus on research with impact and policy implications 
  • Acknowledge and promote diversity
  • Co-design and collaborate with community, consumers, carers, health professionals, service providers, and funders. 
  • Build research capacity

The Caring Futures Institute will:

  • Measure caring impacts on health outcomes, quality of life and prosperity
  • Demonstrate how care and caring relationships promote social inclusion
  • Design solutions readily scaled for national and global translation


  1. Lead the debate and discourse for care, self-care and caring
  2. Build and sustain a highly competitive research membership generating excellent, innovative research with integrity
  3. Build a diverse research community that promotes and acknowledges diversity in solutions and communities
  4. Maintain relevance and connections through strong and enduring relationships with community, consumers, carers and those providing formal care
  5. Build strong, long-term relationships to underpin a stable financial position for research in care and caring
  6. Enhance research impact and outputs through interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research relationships locally and internationally